Open Management Architecture

Keeping track of your hardware in use

Inventory without system inferences

Offline inventory allows hardware inventory of clients, without there being any operating system installed. This feature also comes in handy, if you want to make an inventory without connectivity to the operating system of the client. The permission for the client to boot from network is granted via SSM-Cluster. The reboot is initiated either on the spot by the user, or remotely via ILO server interface. The SSM-Cluster makes the inventory (takes about 60 seconds), turns of booting from network, and reboots the computer eventually. Then, the still untouched system boots from disc drive again. After scanning of all computers is complete, you will know exactly how many different types of hardware you use. Consequently, you are able to asses if new hardware is identical. Besides, you can decide whether your existing hardware is still suitable for upcoming versions of your operating system.