Open Management Architecture

Comprehensive reset of interactive kiosks

Without any effort via network or USB-stick

Interactive kiosks are used in many areas, such as communication, transportation, advertising industry, and financial services (e.g. ATM cash machines). The network connection of such systems is frequently rather poor. Depending on network access quality OMA offers three different options to boot interactive kiosks into the OMA client console:

  • Boot via network
  • Boot via local management partition
  • Boot via SSM-USB-stick

After booting into the OMA client console, OMA offers according the network connectivity, three different options to install the interactive kiosks:

  • Transfer everything via network (LAN or WLAN)
  • Control the process via network, but read data from local source
  • Read everything from SSM-USB-Stick

You may either use a SSM-USB-stick or a local client directory as local source. No matter what, all your interactive kiosks will switch simultaneously and punctual to the minute.