Open Management Architecture

Securely manage IT systems

OMA - the universal software solution for automated IT system management


Rollout, disaster recovery or switch operating system
With OMA you install all your systems without any efforts.
Secure, customizable and easy to use

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Modify your systems by deploying individual settings, software and patches. You can create an endless number of installation results.

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You want to find out which hardware you have and which software and configurations you use?
Even before the rollout you can do an inventory

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System management for all computers

Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, AIX ...

Whatever sort of systems you use, they all can be managed with the same tool.

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Secure Managed Service - Backup

The SMS console supports a variety of different backup tools!
The entire recovery process is automated by OMA.
One imageless procedure for all operating systems.
Highly secure management of servers, clients, and backup jobs.
Especially efficent when combined with the software SEP Sesam.

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Secure Managed Service - Virtualization

The SMS consoles supports many virtualizations.
Creatind and deploying virtual client securely.
Managing virtual clients on user systems.
OMA handles solutions such as Virtual Box, VMware, Xen, etc.
We also support Solaris Containers.

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Secure Managed Service - Printing

The SMS console manages all aspects of printing.
Deploying print servers (Windows, Linux, MacOS etc.)
Packaging and deploying print drivers.
Modifying and observing printers.
Creating and managing printing queues.

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