Open Management Architecture

Keep your data center under control

its easy to enforce company standards

Usually, servers with a special network card are used. This extra card has a special function. It allows access to the BIOS utility, which enables turning the system on and off remotely. The software accessible via this special network card is mostly proprietary (e.g. ILO). This results into the following sequence, if you install on the spot:

  • Put the server into the rack
  • Set up ILO IP-address

Anything else, is processed remotely.

  • Set up BIOS properties manually or via a network boot
  • Check boot via network
  • Deploy the system

OMA's deployment function will deploy the necessary operating system on each server. In doing so, all network connections are configured either (OMA can handle up to 19 network card per server). Then, your solution provider may install all necessary software products to achieve the desired server functionality. Your service provider has two options to fulfill this task.

  • Install everything manually and create a full backup of the server
  • Put each software into a separate software package

Using software packages provides maximum flexibility in the event of server crashes. The necessary operating system will simple be deployed on the new hardware. This process is accompanied by the automated installation of all necessary software. Since you can deploy every necessary operating system on each of your servers, every server may take over one of any functions. Then there's nothing standing in the way of a successful mass roll-out of your datacenter.