Open Management Architecture


System management for all computer systems

Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, AIX ...

Our unique software, OMA is a consistent system management tool for maintaining all your computer systems. OMA can simply be adapted to any system configuration and to any operating system. Hence, it makes no difference what exact system you use, or which operating system is running. OMA can handle every conceivable combination without problems. Likewise, the manner through which your operating systems are connected to the company network does not make a difference. The three essential core tasks of every system management, install, modify and observe are coped with quickly, safely, and easily.

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The first core task consists, whether one calls it, rollout, disaster recovery or else, in essence, of an automated operating system installation. Open Management Architecture (OMA) provides a variety of concepts in order to make sure that you get your desired applications working.

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The second core task consists, whether one calls it configuration management, patch management, or else, in essence, of an automatized adjustment of an operating system installation. Open Management Architecture (OMA) is due to several modification processes able to generate an infinite number of different outcomes based on just a single master installation. Outcomes may include user specific settings and authorizations.

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Lastly, the third core task, whether one names it asset management, inventory, or else, entails the process of gathering information automatically. OMA uses a combination of capabilities provided by the operating system in use and a range of optional tools to fulfill this task. Obtained information may easily be exported to already existing information systems.

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