Open Management Architecture

Use cases

SSMC Rollout Center

Switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8
Rollout 2000 systems or more in just 2 weeks
Substitute old systems for new systems in 4 minutes

SSMC Control Center

Control your hardware and software in background
Secure and encrypted watch of 4000 systems or more in one hour
One daily or weekly report let you know what happen

SSMC Update Center

Deploy new software in background
Secure and encrypted deployment of new software releases
You set the date and the time - Not the client or the user

SSMC Availability Center

Eliminate system attacks
Reset systems after a very destructive impact
New unknown virus is no longer dangerous for you

SSMC Server Center

Setup new server farms in just a single day
Secure and encrypted installation of server systems
Put the server in the rack, connect power and network, installation starts automatically

SSMC Notebook Center

Setup 10.000 notebook systems via USB stick in 1 hour
A user, his notebook and one universal SSMC USB stick - Thats all you need
All users can put the latest Windows on their system, without any system knowledge

SSMC Kiosk Center

Setup 1000 ATM cash machines in 1 hour
ATM's, Info-Terminals, Ticket-Terminals, ... switch the content at any time
Ability to setup KIOSK system through the network or by SSMC USB stick

SSMC Education Center

Setup 200 systems each friday in only one hour
Deliver 200 real und 400 virtual machines in only one hour
If required each pupil can setup his system during the lesson