Open Management Architecture

Sent out Secure System Management Sticks

instead of calling back notebooks or tablets

The SSM-Stick is generated by the OMA-server. Basically, it is all that you need to install your system on the spot. The stick identifies the computer automatically. Usually, you just have to:

  • Plug in the Sick
  • Turn the computer on
  • Wait until the computer shuts down automatically
  • Turn the computer on a second time
  • Wait until the operating system is ready (Log-in window)
Due to its simplicity, the stick operates independent from any language skills. If desired one stick can be arranged for a group of computers, so that several users can share one stick. Yet, each user is still able to install his own individualized system. This kind of arrangement may be used if network quality is poor and the amount of systems is rather small, or computer is never connected to the SSM-Cluster.